APRIL 15, 2008

This is our first post since last fall and we're all doing fantastic ! We've had LiLi with us for 8 months now and she continues to blossom in every way possible. Her English is excellent (although a bit fast) and she loves school. She continues to memorize scripture with EJ and Dad and is very excited about learning how to read. Did we mention that she's more beautiful than ever ? When you're talking with her, don't be surprised if she blurts out "AND I AM ALSO BEAUTIFUL"....her Dad taught her to say that.

As always, the Adkins family tries to have as much fun as possible (when work and school are finished) and we've tried to capture a bit of that for you in the pics below.


Buckner International has published a story on our family. To check out the magazine version, go to http://www.buckner.org/downloads/08-beafamilyinsert.pdf. To check out the online version, go to http://www.beafamily.org/ss-picfamily.shtml. Or just let us know and we can get you a copy of the magazine.

Buckner has asked us to speak quarterly at their adoption seminars. We are excited and honored to be involved with adoption and family ministry in this way.

Missions Trip To Mexico: We will be participating in an interesting missions trip to Puerto Penasco this fall. This missions effort will involve a drama unlike anything you've ever heard of. Let us know if you're interested and we'll tell you all about it.

KDAF-TV has expressed interest in doing a feature on EJ during their sports program..........FUN ! (date & time ???)

Enjoy the pics below: The vid of EJ (at the bottom) was captured last year. We are so proud of him in every way (particularly with his studies and eagerness to learn) and excited to see what's ahead for him during 2008.

Sassy !!!

LiLi recently asked her Mom if she would teach her to read. Later when we asked her about it she said "I fink I be abel too reed beforrrr I 5 yeeer ode"

Friends recently gave us kitties ....and we need them to kill the rats and the mice. The mommy cat killed a fat rat within about 3 minutes after we got her here...we all watched and it was cooooool !

"there's more than one way to have fun on the landing pad of my
dirt bike jump" .....EJ

Fun at dusk !!!

On our Mexico Missions Trip in December 07: "it was great ministering and praying for people and I made a new friend...his name is Daniel Antonio Alonzo" ....EJ

Scoping out "Big Hill" at Rocky Ridge Riding Area. This pic was taken by a
journalist who was there doing a story on local riding areas....fun !

Riding with pals: "this is my bud...his name is Hud"

The vid below is a brief tribute to The Edge (2007 - 6 yr. old)(it takes a bit to buffer but it's worth it) When recently asked what he thinks about dirt bike riding he said: "it's fun.....I love to ride. But I don't think I want to be a racer or a freestyler....my goal is to never break a bone as long as I live".........EJ

God bless ! And as always, leave us a comment or shoot us an email (let EJ know what you think about his 2007).

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mtadkins@pkfamily.com (Melissa)